The Great Pyrenees Club of America is a participant in the OFA's CHIC program, and encourages all breeders to health test their dogs.

To view results of tests submitted for a particular dog, visit and enter the dog's registration number or registered name into the search field. By further selecting the dog's name you an also view results for related dogs [Parents, Offspring, Full and Half Siblings].




The following health tests and genetic screenings are available for Great Pyrenees ~


     ~ Hip Dysplasia

               * GDC Evaluation

               * OFA Evaluation

               * PennHIP Evaluation

               * Federation Cynologique Internationale [FCI]


     ~ Patellar Luxation

              * GDC Evaluation

              * OFA Evaluation



     ~ Cardiac clearance with OFA Evaluation

     ~ Elbow Dysplasia OFA Evaluation

     ~ Shoulder OCD OFA Evaluation

     ~ Thyroid Panel OFA

     ~ ACVO Eye Eamination

             * OFA

             * CERF

     ~ BAER Testing OFA [Brain Auditory Evoked Response]

     ~ CMR DNA Testing [Canine Multifocal Retinopathy]

     ~ Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia DNA Testing


Though not part of the CHIC program for Great Pyrenees, the following tests are also available ~

     ~ Addison's Disease

     ~ Degenerative Myelopathy [Test not considered definitive at this time]

     ~ Sebaceous Adenitis

     ~ Neuronal Degeneration [NDG] A gene mutation identified in August 2015 by the University of Minnesota.

Additional Genetic Research Projects ~

     ~ The Dwarf Project

         In 2007 veterinarians from UC Davis began researching the gene mutation responsible for                Dwarfism in Great Pyrenees. Research is ongoing. No test is currently available.


OFA/CHIC maintains a database of DNA samples, available to approved veterinarians and universities, to aid in genetic research. Breeders and owners are encouraged to submit samples to the CHIC DNA Repository.