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 With the retirement of Pyrless' Valerie Seeley from breeding, Pyradigm is pleased and honored to continue the Pyrless bloodline in conjunction with Cindy Pearce [Brynjulf Great Pyrenees], Sue Blevans [Ashby Great Pyrenees], Marie Klimek [Skeenawhip Kennels], Gary & Patricia Knutson [Rock'NK Great Pyrenees], Darrell Goolsbee [Big Rig Great Pyrenees], Nancy Schefcick, Doug & Barbara Kahl, Drs Robert & Kathy Piston, Jan Waitz and others who have been entrusted with Valerie's beautiful dogs. Her example of integrity, quality and sportsmanship is one that we strive to follow as we produce the next generation.

GChS Euzkalzale's Legacy Of Hope RN HOF Owned by Wendy Olsen

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