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About Pyradigm

Pyradigm came to be in 2011, with the arrival of Raia ~ Pyrless Catch Me If You Can, who came to us courtesy of respected long-time breeder Dr Valerie Seeley of Pyrless Great Pyrenees. Wayne had always wanted a 'big dog', and after 25 years working with smaller breeds, Catie was ready to upsize. After a year of research, the decision was made to add a Pyr to the family, and our new adventure began.  Like potato chips, it is impossible to have just one, and Raia was joined two years later by her daughter Lyra, and six months after that by her half brother Thor. 

Our goal here at Pyradigm is to produce Pyrs that exemplify the best characteristics of this ancient, historic and noble breed, as loving family companions, promising show dogs and dedicated livestock guardians.

Breeding stock is health tested in accordance with the guidelines of the Great Pyrenees Club of America and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.


We are members of the  Great Pyrenees Club of America and the Pyrenean Fanciers of the Northeast. We support breed rescue through the GPCA and Northeast Pyr Rescue.


RaiaPetty 8 Weeks Lyra 1
Mom & Raia
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